USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact!

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A year on, Beijing has not backed down, and US farmers are suffering the impact of higher tariffs on crucial products such as soybeans. His trade war with China has hurt almost every segment of the US economy and created very few winners.

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The losers include not only consumers but also firms and the workers they employ, from farmers losing their export markets to manufacturers forced to pay higher input costs. As a result, Trump has come close to accomplishing something seemingly impossible: tariffs that benefit almost no one. Protectionism is usually explained as the result of special interests wielding disproportionate power. And a theory that does explain them may not exist.

Seema Shah, senior global investment strategist at Principal Global Investors, has warned that the US-China trade war is likely to intensify. She is sceptical that the impact of the dispute will be limited to only Chinese firms, saying the impact on US business should not be understated. Several U.

For many large U. If the U. Not necessarily, given wider concerns over China. Second, U. European stock markets have slumped deeper into the red, as hopes of a trade war breakthrough fade. A deepening trade war, and an escalating Brexit crisis, would both hurt economic growth, damage companies across the globe, weaken profits, and hit consumers in the pocket. S equity futures and European bourses are again under pressure, following Asian stocks lower, as Sino-U.

S trade tensions show little sign of easing. Updated at Chinese state media are ramping up their criticism of America today too, another sign that the trade war is escalating. The harsher sentiments appear to be resonating with the public.

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Earlier in the week, a song written by a former Chinese official about the trade war, set to the tune of a fight song featured in an anti-Japanese wartime film, had been viewed thousands of times on We Chat. Only then can talks continue. Gao then appeared to single out the sanctions on Huawei , saying they are unacceptable:. The U.

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China is firmly opposed to this. We will closely monitor developments and make adequate preparations. That sounds like a significant move - is Beijing really refusing to hold fresh talks unless Donald Trump backs down?

The wealth effect is more prominent in the housing market. Anybody with a private pension or investment trust will be affected by the stock market, at least indirectly. Pension funds invest a significant part of their funds in the stock market. Therefore, if there is a serious and prolonged fall in share prices, it reduces the value of pension funds. This means that future pension payouts will be lower. If share prices fall too much, pension funds can struggle to meet their promises.

The important thing is the long-term movements in the share prices.

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If share prices fall for a long time, then it will definitely affect pension funds and future payouts. This may cause households to have lower pension income, and they may feel the need to save more in other terms. Often share price movements are reflections of what is happening in the economy. The stock market itself can affect consumer confidence. Bad headlines of falling share prices are another factor which discourages people from spending. On its own, it may not have much effect, but combined with falling house prices, share prices can be a discouraging factor.


However, there are times when the stock market can appear out of step with the rest of the economy. In the depth of a recession, share prices may rise as investors look forward to a recovery two years in the future. Falling share prices can hamper firms ability to raise finance on the stock market. Firms who are expanding and wish to borrow often do so by issuing more shares — it provides a low-cost way of borrowing more money. However, with falling share prices it becomes much more difficult. A fall in the stock market makes other investments more attractive.

People may move out of shares and into government bonds or gold. These investments offer a better return in times of uncertainty. Though sometimes the stock market could be falling over concerns in government bond markets e. Euro fiscal crisis.

The Fed Just Signaled The Collapse Of The Economy, Brace For Impact - Episode 1152a

Most people who do not own shares will be largely unaffected by short-term movements in the stock market. However, ordinary workers are not completely unaffected by the stock market. Pension funds.

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Many private pension funds will invest in the stock market. A substantial and prolonged fall in the stock market could lead to a fall in the value of their pension fund, and it could lead to lower pension payouts when they retire. Similarly, if the stock market does well, the value of pension funds could increase. Business investment. The stock market could be a source of business investment, e.

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This could lead to more jobs and growth. The stock market can be a source of private finance when bank finance is limited. However, the stock market is not usually the first source of finance. Most investment is usually financed through bank loans rather than share options. The stock market only plays a limited role in determining investment and jobs. It could be argued workers and consumers can be adversely affected by the short-termism that the stock market encourages.

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  6. Shareholders usually want bigger dividends. Therefore, firms listed on the stock market can feel under pressure to increase short-term profits. This can lead to cost cutting which affects workers e. It has been argued that UK firms are more prone to short-termism because the stock market plays a bigger role in financing firms.

    USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact! USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact!
    USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact! USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact!
    USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact! USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact!
    USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact! USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact!
    USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact! USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact!
    USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact! USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact!
    USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact! USA Economy Fixing To Crash, Brace For Impact!

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