Two Year Novel Course: Set 4 (Outlines) (2YN)

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Reading, Writing, and Proving

You choose the word for the activity or characteristic you want to focus on for yourself during the year. I did some work on this last year but this year, this is my focus. I have a pretty good back list of books.

I have some great contacts in the author world. Now to get my stories out in front of you, the reader. Extra work in reaching my audiences. Encouragement for readers to leave reviews. Getting my name out in front of the right people for the genres I write.

Once I have it done, I plan on cleaning it up, getting a formal edit and releasing it. The photos were taken by my husband of places around Arizona where we live and hike. I hope you like it. The Christmas Giveaway is over. The winners will be notified shortly. This is a great way to find new to you authors. Books, ebooks, jewelry and more is being given away.

Tan on BookFunnel. It will run from January 5th to the 21st. Lots of new to you authors are also in the giveaway. Click that link and find some great mystery stories. Abby does a ton of promotional work with other authors, including me! A dream writing retreat? I started writing in late I have a nice set-up in the third bedroom of our house with a main computer, a small TV as a monitor, and a glass-topped desk.

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But where would I love to be when writing? I would say a busy city street. Any of those places would let me see life passing by in front of me. What about? How would that turn out? In the city though, people rub up against each other like sandpaper. Up next: Jean Schara. Hello and welcome back to the Merry-Go-Round Blog tour. I received the prompt for this last January and a few of my fellow Forward Motion authors took the prompt too. Every story is different though a few of us went with the obvious, a story about leprechauns.

I call it the Brown Rain series. I hit a real milestone in December as I was catching up on the lessons. That book will get written this year. It may get published this year, or may not. Depends on when I actually write it. In November I stepped outside my comfort zone and wrote a cozy mystery.

I already have an initial idea for the next book here as well. It may end up being drafted in November for my NaNo novel.

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I also want to gather of my flashes, do an edit, and put them in a collection to publish. I can flesh them out a little more. I seem to be able to write about 10 short stories in that month. Always a good thing as it gives me more fodder to send to contests, submit to e-zines, and add to my own collections. Lots of work planned.

Lots of stories to be written. Tons of fun to be had. Hit the Target by ns-dante via www. My list of goals for , by the month, was extensive. Last year this time I went through the list as though I were reporting accomplishments to my commanding officer. I put six books up for sale. One every other month. Pretty good stat considering I just started writing in I have a world building class, still in progress and a class on how to write a series, extended version that I have been taking from Holly Lisle. I also am still struggling through the Two Year Novel course. I add words to it whenever I get a free writing day and the need to get words on screen is too much to bear.

Somewhere out there is the story I actually wanted to tell. Some people think this is a sacrilege.

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I can only say this. I keep plugging away at making my marketing effective. Some of it has been interesting, some seems like spam, some may be useful. I plan on turning my wordpress blog into an actual website in So beware, there are changes coming. I am working hard at writing. I want this to work and I want this to be professional. I hope my followers will help me by participating when I offer chances to interact with me. When I make an offer, take me up on it.

My goals? I want to be a professional author. Help me make it happen. The Briefcase by ChaosBang via www. Carol juggled briefcase, purse, and paper cup of tea as she hurried through the convention center. The convention center was in the middle of the city. So of course, she fell asleep about 3AM. She had to work her way through the crowds of people wandering between booths before their seminars started.

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Naturally, she thought. Three people were standing in front of her space when she arrived, all staring at the graphic on the back wall and looking around for help.

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I never get to sit in it. She pulled the candy dish of chocolate kisses out and with the other hand, the brochure stand and put them on the counter. They checked out the competition and collected the freebies each booth had. She garnered four sales leads during the day. After 5PM she put the candy and brochures away. It was time for the dinner and bar scene. She put extra business cards in her suit jacket pocket and headed for the hotel bar.

She stopped in the restroom and freshened her makeup, brushed her hair and checked her teeth. Her stomach growled. By 9PM she was exhausted and her feet felt like bloody stumps but she had eleven more leads. Carol slumped against the elevator wall on the ride to her floor.

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One more day, then I can go home. She massaged her temples, a hangover from the three glasses of pinot grigio was already forming. Drink more water tomorrow, she thought as she unlocked her room door. My feet feel like stumps.

Two Year Novel Course: Set 4 (Outlines) (2YN) Two Year Novel Course: Set 4 (Outlines) (2YN)
Two Year Novel Course: Set 4 (Outlines) (2YN) Two Year Novel Course: Set 4 (Outlines) (2YN)
Two Year Novel Course: Set 4 (Outlines) (2YN) Two Year Novel Course: Set 4 (Outlines) (2YN)
Two Year Novel Course: Set 4 (Outlines) (2YN) Two Year Novel Course: Set 4 (Outlines) (2YN)
Two Year Novel Course: Set 4 (Outlines) (2YN) Two Year Novel Course: Set 4 (Outlines) (2YN)
Two Year Novel Course: Set 4 (Outlines) (2YN) Two Year Novel Course: Set 4 (Outlines) (2YN)

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