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80th Anniversary of “The Rapid Arrows”

Without you, I would not have been able to understand the meaning and importance of love and family. You have taught me so many things that I can never thank you enough for and have helped shape me into what I am today.

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You accepted me when I failed and supported me all the way long. You loved me no matter what and you both were there when I needed you the most. Big-small things that you have done for me is something that I appreciate the most in this world. You both have done a lot for me which cannot be returned in any form. But all I can say is that I love you with all my heart.

Oklahoma City Fans Pay Tribute to Kevin Durant by Reciting MVP Speech

You both are my world. I thank you for everything and happiest 25th-anniversary mom dad. I hope you have an amazing anniversary and so many more to come. You both deserve all the happiness and love of this world. Thank you for joining us in ruminating over a beautiful love story that started 50 years ago.

I feel blessed to see all of you have traveled long distances to join us in making this day a memorable one. I can see how blessed my mom and dad are with these continuing relationships and friendships. I can see so much of love in this room for mom dad. First of all, a big congratulations to you mom and dad! Your 50 years of long journey has been full of love and inspiration for us. You are the most loving, caring and giving individuals that I have ever seen. I am sure some of you can remember how mom and dad started their journey and how they were in the beginning, how they were looking on their wedding day.

Mom, thank you so much for all your love and care that you have been showering on the entire family. Your beauty and grace clearly shows that it was easy for dad to fall in love with you.

You still look so beautiful today. You gave us life and kept the entire family happy with your constant showering of love and care. As I have grown up the nature of our mother-daughter relationship has changed a lot.

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Now, you have become my best friend with whom I can share anything and I am thankful to you for that. And dad, your affection and care for mom, your kindness and patience for your kids makes you the best husband and father in the world and we feel lucky to have you in our lives. You have always been my support, my backbone, my confidence and you always inspire me. You are my role model to learn from.

You are an epitome of love that taught us that marriage is not only about happiness, but also about sacrifices that you make for each other. Despite all the hardships in life, there are so many lessons for us to learn from your love. You are the only reason I believe in marriage because you have shown me how beautiful it is to get married. You can feel safe ordering from Speechwriters. We also strive to offer you the best customer service, and we constantly aim to improve our operation.

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50th Wedding Anniversary Speech to Parents

Add to cart. What Our Customers Say Thank you so much for the speech. Jamie Our youngest son is getting married and his older, married brother best man was sweating bullets over doing a speech and a toast. If at that time I felt that I was a revolutionary or a socialist, if I had absorbed all the ideas that made me who I am, and I could be nothing other than a revolutionary. I assure you today, in all modesty, that I feel ten times, twenty times, even a hundred times more revolutionary than I was then.

Tens of millions of men died on the battlefields of World War I and in other wars, impassioned by a symbol, by the beauty of a flag, by the emotional strains of an anthem like La Marseillaise was in its revolutionary time although it later became the anthem of the French colonial empire. In the name of that colonial empire and for a new distribution of the world, millions of Frenchmen died en masse in the trenches of World War I.

Man is willing to die, to consciously and voluntarily give up his life; he does not fight out of instinct like so many animals fight instinctively moved by the laws of nature. Man is a complete creature, I mean both men and women, and more often one needs to include women. But the human being is the only one capable of consciously rising above all instincts, even though man is a creature of instincts, of egoism.

Man is born egotistical, a result of the conditioning of nature. Nature fills us with instincts; it is education that fills us with virtues. Nature makes us do things instinctively; one of these is the instinct for survival which can lead to infamy, while on the other side, our conscience can lead us to great acts of heroism.

It is amazing that in spite of the differences between human beings, they can become as one in a single instant or they can be millions, and they can be a million strong just through their ideas. Nobody followed the Revolution as a cult to anyone or because they felt personal sympathy with any one person. It is only by embracing certain values and ideas that an entire people can develop the same willingness to make sacrifices of any one of those who loyally and sincerely try to lead them toward their destiny. You are constantly reading the works of the great thinkers, you are constantly reading history.

It is the ideas that bring us together, ideas make us a combatant people on a collective and not just an individual basis; ideas make us a mass of revolutionaries. Then, when all of the forces unite, then the people can never be defeated, and when the number of ideas grows, when the number of ideas and values to be defended grows and multiplies, that is when a people can truly never be defeated. And so, when we remember our comrades, and we see the youth who are taking on such important tasks; many of the others were leaders in this university and have behind them many years of struggle; some have more than 50, others might have more than 40 and today each one has his responsibility; many of them are students, others come from humble backgrounds, I see them all here today, those who were at Moncada, those that came on the Granma, fought in the Sierra Maestra and participated in all the battles; I see them all here, each one of them, defending a cause, a flag.

I see, for example our dear comrade Alarcon. I remember him because here we have been speaking of the struggle for the five imprisoned heroes, and he has been their indefatigable champion for justice. This was the task given him by the Revolution and he has shouldered the responsibility with his talent and in his capacity as President of the National Assembly.

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I see comrade Machadito, a former doctor, but not an old doctor, who was with us in the mountains. Look at this world and see all the changes, all the aims we are pursuing today. Look at the strategies that are being designed, leading us into the strategies of the world. We are a tiny country, 90 miles away from the colossal empire, the most powerful empire ever in the history of the world.

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Forty five years have passed and there it is, farther away than ever from the possibility of forcing the Cuban nation to its knees, the same nation they humiliated and offended for some time. Applause Once the US owned everything in Cuba: the mines, hundreds of thousands of the best hectares of land; the ports and its facilities; the electrical system, transportation, banking, commercial activities, etc.

Come and we shall give you everything we have, again, this university too, so that you can put in 5, instead of half a million students; half a million is too much and for your mentality, you would like to see us unemployed and hungry so that filthy capitalism can function because it is only with a reserve corps of unemployed that it can function; come back and make the ranks of our illiterate unemployed grow and stand in lines out by sugarcane fields, with nobody bringing them water to drink, or food to eat, or housing, or transportation.

I saw it with my own eyes, nobody told me about it, I saw it hardly 48 hours ago. I saw it there at the Convention Center, first a group of a few hundred, dressed in their blue T-shirts; I saw it in the young people who graduated as social workers, and today they are al, without exception, university students, from the first to the fifth year of their courses, after a year of intensive study to become social workers, after several years studying for this profession, first there were and now there are 28, If a nation can be made with 12 men, how many times greater than 12 men are we today?

And 12 men, many times multiplied, armed with ideas, knowledge, culture, knowing all about the world, knowing about history, geography, about the struggles, because they possess what we call a revolutionary conscience, which is the sum total of many consciences, it is the sum total of a humanist conscience, the conscience of honor and dignity and the best values that man can grow. This nation is born of love for the homeland and love for the world; and we cannot forget that the homeland is humanity, a statement made more than a hundred years ago.

Homeland is humanity, and we must repeat that every day, when someone forgets those living in Haiti or in Guatemala, suffering from the ravages of a natural disaster, among other things, suffering indescribable pain and indescribable poverty, as it is usually the case in most parts of the world.

50th Anniversary Speech

That is all that the infamous empire and its repugnant system can show as a result of a history where the species set out on a long march for a just society that has not been attained over thousands of years, which is the very short, relatively well-known history of a species in its quest for a just society. And they have always been as far away from that society as we are close to it today, that is, closer to that just society we want to construct. And I dare say that regardless of the many flaws we still have, of our errors and inefficiencies, this is the society which in all human history comes closer to being described as a just society.

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  • Where is justice that I cannot see it? I cannot see it because that one over their earns twenty, thirty times more than me as a doctor, or more than me as an engineer, or more than me as a university professor. Where is justice? And, why is this happening? What does the other produce? How many does he educate?

    How many does he heal?

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    How many are made happy with his knowledge, his books and his art? How many does he make happy by building a home? How many does he make happy by growing something to eat? How many does he make happy by working in factories, in industries, in the electrical system, in the drinking water system, in the streets, on the power grids, looking after communications or printing books?

    How many? We must to say that there are several dozens of thousands of parasites who produce nothing and just take that individual driving a vintage car from Havana to Guantanamo, buying and stealing fuel all along the way, who charged one of those young students pesos, pesos, when he had to travel just at a time when transportation difficulties were at their greatest. Yes, we have to bear that in mind and not forget it, for we are faced with a great battle, which we must begin to undertake.

    We shall undertake it and we will win. Yes, we are very much aware of this, and we think about this more than about anything else: our flaws, our mistakes, our inequalities, our injustice. Some are criminals, some are terrorists who blew up planes in mid-air or attempted to blow them up, careless of how many would die, and those over there who organized attacks of every kind and organized acts of terrorism against our country. Did the empire change in any way? Posada Carriles, what have you done with that nice gentleman who despite his shameful actions keeps trying to have the empire on a tight rein?

    The Instant Anniversary Speech The Instant Anniversary Speech
    The Instant Anniversary Speech The Instant Anniversary Speech
    The Instant Anniversary Speech The Instant Anniversary Speech
    The Instant Anniversary Speech The Instant Anniversary Speech
    The Instant Anniversary Speech The Instant Anniversary Speech

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