The Human Side of Heartbreak

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The Biology of a Broken Heart—and How to Bounce Back

I have come up with 15 ways to get over a broken heart. You can read the list here:. In this blog, I am expanding on steps to help you heal. Having your heart broken over a relationship is going to hurt. You could lose your appetite, as well as your desire to do much of anything but lay in bed and ache.

How To Date Again After Heartbreak In 8 Easy Steps

It is possible that you may experience shortness of breath from crying. Your ribs may ache and your eyes may swell. Confusion might rule your brain. You might feel as bad as you have ever felt. It seems no one can help you. But you will get through this. These intense symptoms begin to subside a little bit at a time, just not soon enough for you. The problem is you may be letting this one event blind you so you cannot see the good things happening in your life. They made it and so will you.

So take heart and hold on. The person you are sharing with is like a human crutch to help you through a time of brokenness. Two of his teammates get around him and help carry him off the field. When someone is there, they can help strengthen you when you hurt the most. The people who suffer the most from heartbreak are those who have no one to help them. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. A pastor or just a great friend who maybe is older than you and has more experience with heartbreaks is wonderful.

They tell you how they lived and moved on and help you out very much. One of the ways we know we are human and truly alive is that we feel pain. Going through a break-up can be very difficult and touch raw emotions.

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This proves we are human. It is extremely important to let those raw emotions out. Find a safe place where you are comfortable and if possible, let the tears flow. Big girls are really healthy girls when they show emotion. Some people run from their hurts when really they should embrace them. Unfortunately, the best ways to block something like that out is through destructive behavior like substance abuse, cutting, and the like. There are those who may think this bit of advice is needless. Nothing could be further from the truth. You and I were created to love and be loved.

When we get down to it, all we really want is to know there is someone who knows all about us and still loves us no matter what.

Only God can love us this way. When we have that foundation of knowing we are loved no matter what, we can have the strength to face rejection from others.

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Only God can give us a deep sense of being loved because He always does, no matter what. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself. Tell God everything you feel about your broken heart.

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He is there to listen and to help heal you. God is the ONLY one who will heal your broken heart. If your heart has been broken, it will take time for you to completely heal. At the time of the break-up, almost everyone thinks they will never feel normal again. But God has designed us so we will heal from wounds. Some people heal faster than others. The deeper your emotions, the longer it will take to heal. But sooner or later you will begin to feel alive again and you will learn to accept this new feeling.

So be patient with yourself. You will get through this. It is inevitable that they will. The question is can we learn from the experience? So during this time of hurt, you might want to ask yourself some meaningful questions about your broken relationship. For example, did your relationship include these important things from both you and your partner:. Answers to these and other questions can help you be a much deeper person, better equipped for your next relationship. And if it is something that will change your life, then let it.

Two other men I know share the same break up as myself. Our wives simply left without a word and never returned. The study was, admittedly, only done on women, who in studies are shown to be more likely to experience shock from traumatic experiences. When you hear yourself going through the details of the relationship again in a negative way, try to remember one postive for every negative. And consider talking to a counsellor and psychotherapist who can support you in telling the story in a way that helps you heal and move on.

Sometimes friends, despite best intentions, sympathise and encourage our negativity and righteous indignation and send you on a spiral of upset before you know it. By: Jeff Wilcox.

People Read Strangers’ Worst Heartbreaks

You were probably left wondering, why you were so upset, even as you were unable to control your sadness. Trauma in the present often triggers repressed traumas from your past. Even if you are not consciously aware that these old traumas are being released, you will feel it, via really overwhelming feelings of sadness and despair. The little snowball of heartbreak rolls into a big boulder of a snowball before you know it. Do they fit the crime? Or are you incredibly depressed over breaking up with someone you only knew for a month?

Try journalling , a great way of creating a relaxed space for the mind to reveal its hidden depths. Also, overreaction to relationship breakups can be a sign of Borderline personality disorder , which a professional could spot and help you with. It also comes with a host of possible physical symptoms , including but not limited to sleeplessness, a racing heart, headaches, stomach upset, muscle tension, and random physical aches and pains read more in our article 7 Warning Signs of Emotional Shock.

So yes, love really can hurt, when we have to let it go and need to move on. Have you experienced any of the above with a breakup? Have something more to say about the psychology of heartbreak? Do share below, we love hearing from you. Knowing how the brain functions after love and the chemical reactions surrounding it helps me a lot.

I know memory is not reliable but I trust it. But, thanks to reading this i know I have to stop. Yes, we all tend to romanticise… while sorting out the past is of course important, when it comes to breaking free of an unsupportive relationship it can be most helpful to focus on the present and future, and how you can best take care of yourself.

Reassuring to have an experience I relate to described in simple, non-judgemental words. But it is very hard to allow myself permission to hurt. We are glad that you found it useful. It took over 40yrs. The sad news is.. I am afraid to contact him for fear of rejection, which would be entirely justified. My behaviour towards him was so hurtful. It sounds like you have been an awful lot.

I would say that you deserve to forgive yourself for what has happened in the past. We hope you make the effort as you deserve to feel loved and accepted for who you are. Thanks so much for providing individuals with an exceptionally splendid opportunity to read critical reviews from here. I just like the caring information you provide to your articles. Thank You! It was great to read this article. My ex and I were classic anxious- avoidant pair. And while we deeply cared for each other, the day to day was very hard and I finally walked away. Now all I want is to talk to him one more time.

The Human Side of Heartbreak
The Human Side of Heartbreak
The Human Side of Heartbreak
The Human Side of Heartbreak
The Human Side of Heartbreak
The Human Side of Heartbreak
The Human Side of Heartbreak

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