Rise: Affirmations for Personal Growth

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What Are Words Of Affirmation?

Thank you Kris! Oh, Kris, I love everything about this! Thank you. Have you ever written a post of how to deal when bad thoughts are starting to get to your head about relapsing back to a sickness? I am all perfect and positive until I get a symptom and then it al goes downhill from there and I cannot manage the fear…. I love those affirmations.

Beautiful affirmations Kris. Thank you for this and all the other wonderful gifts you give to the world. Great post, thank you Kris. Beautiful images as well. I click to open an email from you and I just smile. You are so positive and your energy reaches right across!!! It is sad that today we need so much to be reminded of our value and worth. I really appreciate the work you do and have decided to try and follow your inspiration. I have downloaded the affirmations in an attempt to break my emotional dependence on food when I am stressed, angry, tired. Thank you so much for all your efforts!

You are very important to me! Thank you Kris and Louise Hay for these 11 positive affirmations. I am in a rabbit hole with breast cancer and needed to say, believe, and practice every one of them today. With Gratitude. Thanks for mentoring me. Are you on instagram? The images with the affirmations are so beautiful!

Everything in my life is working just the way it should.

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I am loved, and I am love. This has sustained me through tough times! Thank you for offering me new, positive seeds from which I may grow! Love this! It contains my very best healthy living tips, plus some ridiculously delicious recipes. Download all 11 FREE affirmation wallpapers for your phone and desktop here:. Leave a comment… Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Also common sense. Kris, Wonderful message to reframe thoughts for growth and greater joy!

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Reply Sending you love Linda! Perfect timing.


Empowerment and Self Growth Affirmations

This really is exactly what I need, now. Reply Keep shining Cheri! Reply Ps… love that one Lisa! Reply So good, Sam.

10 Daily Positive Affirmations For When Black Lives Forget That They Matter

Thanks for sharing! Thanks so much Kris, I really need this. You inspire me so much. Thank you the breathe and the stress affirmations once again. Reply Excellent point, Paul! Affirmations pair wonderfully with EFT—thanks for the reminder! Reply Sending lots of love your way Shelly!

Program Your Mind for Growth, Success & Prosperity. Affirmations for Entrepreneurs while you sleep!

Louise hay mini me, love message to stay high energy. Thank you, Reply. Your brain is a complex and complicated network of information that is always sending and receiving thoughts and instructions at lightning speed. Every simple action you take is really a set of complicated communications between cells called neurons. When you understand how this literal communication works, you begin to see how this affects your emotions, behaviors and even physical well being.

When you think a thought, your brain processes the information literally and prepares you for the action that should immediately follow the thought.

3 Elements Of Successful Affirmations

You may get a boost of confidence and even start sending off some feel-good pheromones , but it will be in that moment, right then and there. Have you ever thought about why you can have such a strong physical reaction to things you know are fake? Your brain reacts to your thoughts in a very literal way, in the present moment, and prepares you for the perceived danger. With all this talk of the strict rules and patterns of your brain, you may start to feel a little annoyed with how literal your brain can be. Though it seems like an annoyance, these systems and processes are actually in place to help you better achieve your goals.

The world is full of sensory information that, frankly, is of no use to you. Instead, your brain senses the hunger and filters out the junk. In turn, potential food sources stand out to you. Because your brain is constantly looking for clues to filter your environment and guide your actions, it will pick up on any available influence.

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This is why positive affirmations are so powerful. Your brain is always looking for a command, and if you can clearly give it one — in the language it speaks — it will activate everything you need to make your wildest dreams come true. As you start using positive affirmations, you may feel like repeating them over and over again is a waste of time. If the brain responds to positive, present tense statements, then why is it necessary to repeat them several times every single day?

Your brain is a creature of habit. To run efficiently, your brain strengthens its connections every time you think, feel and do. This is because your brain strengthens those connections every time you repeat the action and thoughts. Anything you want can come that naturally to you through the use of repeated positive affirmations.

Positive statements that empower your being

This will greatly help if you are not usually a morning person! And if you want to learn how to apply positive affirmations to your life, be sure to grab your copy of my free affirmation audio! Click here now to find out more and download yours. I create the life I want and enjoy it. Instant Access Click The Button To Begin. Download Now! So keep reading to discover the top morning affirmations to use tomorrow… Affirmations are positive statements that you should say to yourself in the morning and in front of a mirror if you can , that can help you to feel motivated and reshape your limiting beliefs.

Rise:  Affirmations for Personal Growth Rise: Affirmations for Personal Growth
Rise:  Affirmations for Personal Growth Rise: Affirmations for Personal Growth
Rise:  Affirmations for Personal Growth Rise: Affirmations for Personal Growth
Rise:  Affirmations for Personal Growth Rise: Affirmations for Personal Growth
Rise:  Affirmations for Personal Growth Rise: Affirmations for Personal Growth

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