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You get a lot of volume into one session without extending the workout time. Less recovery time means more calories burned for the workout time 6.

You can do HIRT using any kind of resistance training kit available 8. The beauty of HIRT is that you have total freedom in how to design your workout. Have a plan before you head into a HIRT session at home.

Workout Details

Link Have a look at the new urethane-encased Technogym dumbbells. If you want to take your home gym set up to the next level, look at the Power Personal and rack combo , and the incredible Power Personal Superior. Try this HIRT workout to get you started: all you need is a set of dumbbells and a bench plus something to do pull ups off.

Home Set Gym Set Contact Us. Write email. Call us. He also advocates conscious consumption. Breathe deeply for five minutes, focusing on breathing through your belly and not your chest. Miss Vogue. British Vogue. Edition Britain Chevron. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Vogue Recommends. By Scarlett Newman 20 September By Sara Radin 25 July These kinds of moves can enhance your training, allowing you to lift more weight while giving you the extra calorie-burn that comes from involving the large muscle groups of the body. Not only that, compound movements are often more functional, working your body the way it actually moves on a daily basis.

You no doubt already do some compound movements in your training but maybe there are different exercises you can try to recruit more muscles and add some intensity to your strength training workouts. Here are just a few compound moves to incorporate into your workouts:. Combination exercises are also good for working multiple muscles and saving time. By combining exercises that work different muscles at the same time, you can add intensity as well as work on coordination, balance, and stability:.

High-intensity interval training for beginners: how to start - Business Insider

Another way to challenge your muscles in different ways is to change the tempo of your exercises by slowing things down or changing the speed of your reps throughout the workout. This will challenge your muscles in different ways while keeping your mind on what you're doing. Looking to lose weight? Our nutrition guide can help you get on the right track.

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The Ultimate 10-Minute Full-Body Workout

Try Interval Training. There are two basic ways to do interval training:. Add Power to Your Cardio Workouts. Adding different types of jumps to your workout can really crank up your heart rate. Try jumping straight up and landing in a slight squat as in a squat jump, jumping forward with both feet in a long-jump or jumping up onto a step or platform with both feet at a time. One-Legged Jumps. Jumping with both feet can be very challenging, but try it with one leg and you'll experience a whole different kind of challenge.

Try hopping across the room, jumping onto a step or just jumping up and down on one leg. Keep the movement slow and explosive.

Here are 10 HIIT simple workouts for you to try.

Power Jacks. Another way to add power is by doing slow power squats.

Jump up and land in a wide squat as low as you can. In an explosive movement, jump the feet back together. Power Lunges. You can do the same thing with lunges these are tough! Just lower down into a lunge and jump up, switch legs in the air, and land in a lunge. Lift Heavier Weights.

Intensity The Home Workout Intensity The Home Workout
Intensity The Home Workout Intensity The Home Workout
Intensity The Home Workout Intensity The Home Workout
Intensity The Home Workout Intensity The Home Workout
Intensity The Home Workout Intensity The Home Workout
Intensity The Home Workout Intensity The Home Workout
Intensity The Home Workout Intensity The Home Workout

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