Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (Classics in homoeopathy)

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Urenus also sold a version of bryonia, which it once again said was based on the original procedure of Dr Hahnemann. Amazon customers in the US are also able to buy medorrhinum, pyrogenium, lac caninum, Hecla lava and bryonia. They were also able to get their hands on homeopathic remedies said to contain the saliva of dogs with rabies - lyssin.

The substance is also known as lyssinum or hydrophobinum. Critics warn there is no scientific evidence exists to prove it works. Two firms also listed lac caninum - prepared from the milk of dogs. And the same firms were offering pyrogenium - a solution made of decomposed lean beef allowed to stand in the sun for two weeks said to combat headaches. Homeopathy was first coined in by German doctor Samuel Hahnemann, and focuses on three principles: like cures like, dilution, and 'water remembers.

Dr Hahnemann believed that medicine in his time was doing more harm than good, so he began to conduct experiments on volunteers and himself.

Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs and Cats

One such experiment included eating the bark of a cinchona tree, which was then used as a treatment for malaria. Scientists have since found that this bark contains quinine, an antimalarial drug. After eating some of the bark, Hahnemann experienced symptoms which he likened to those of malaria, spawning the first principle 'like cures like. The doctor thought that if a substance in large doses causes certain symptoms, it can be used in small doses to cure them. According to the British Homeopathy Association, the remedies are used by over million people worldwide to treat both acute and chronic conditions.

A Canadian naturopath controversially claimed in April she treated a four-year-old boy with behavioural problems using the product, prompting fury among the medical community. This is not the first time Amazon has been slammed for selling unproven medical treatments. In June it was criticised for showing documentaries promoting cancer quackery and unproven cures on its Prime Video service. And in March it was revealed to be selling books encouraging parents to feed their children toxic chemicals to cure their autism. Professor Edzard Ernst, a leading researcher in complementary medicine at the University of Exeter, slammed the listings.

He told MailOnline: 'Consumers are systematically mislead to believe that these remedies are established, well-regulated medicines. Dr Ernst said: 'These remedies are highly diluted; so much so they contain nothing of what it says on the container. If, for instance, someone has a disease and treats it with such remedies, she is likely to miss out on any effective therapy. Professor David Colquhoun, emeritus professor of pharmacology at University College London, called the remedies 'fraudulent'.

He said they are so diluted that one molecule of the original substance can found in a space the equivalent of the distance 'of the sun to the Earth'.

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Professor Colquhoun claimed there has been cases recently where the dilutions of other homeopathic solutions 'haven't been done right'. He also said that Amazon are 'utterly ruthless' and 'irresponsible', adding: 'They'll send you anything, from machetes to quack cancer cures.

An Amazon spokesperson said: 'All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. One firm also listed two products claiming to be Hecla lava - ash from the volcano Mount Hekla in Iceland. Prince Charles was in June accused of promoting disproven and dangerous medical treatments in his new position as patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy.

The Prince of Wales is a long-time supporter of homeopathy and has used his royal position to try to get it widely accepted. This is despite some homeopaths operating in the UK claiming to cure autism and offering alternatives to traditional vaccinations. Homeopathy is a branch of medicine that treats ailments using extremely diluted doses of natural substances.

It is known as a complementary or alternative approach because it is different from traditional Western medicine.

Constipation - Quick Relief with Homeopathic Medicines

The style of treatment originates from ideas developed in the s, which claim that the more a substance is diluted, the more powerful it is as a treatment. Supporters claim, for example, that traditional inhalers used to treat asthma can be replaced with diluted plant extracts. The Faculty of Homeopathy is the professional body for homeopaths.

The prince has faced a backlash for associating with these practitioners and peddling alternative treatments. He has had treatment himself from herbalists and chiropractors for ailments including severe back pain. He also founded the Foundation for Integrated Health in but the charity closed in after a criminal investigation into allegations of fraud and money laundering. The Prince of Wales is also Patron to traditional medical establishments. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Amazon slammed for selling unproven homeopathy remedies e-mail More top stories.

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Denver, Colo. Newport, R. Detroit Session, , 1, pages; Very good condition, though title page out of binding. Buffalo, N. Omaha, Nebraska. Atlantic City, NJ. Good condition but wear at bottom edge of front cover through the cloth, slight tear at top and bottom of front cover hinge. Washington, DC. Richfield Springs, N. Session, , pages; Good condition. Patterson, K. Troup, K.

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Cleveland, O. Boston, Mass. Niagara Falls, , 1, pages; Good condition, though some wear at hinge on front cover at top and bottom. Inner hinge shows some netting. Chicago, IL. Good condition except a small wear in fabric at side bottom edge of front cover and a very small spot at top edge of front cover, and a very small spot at hinge of bottom front cover. Atlantic City, New Jersey, , pages; Very good condition. Norfolk, VA.

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Kansas City, Mo. Adams, Myron H. A Practical Guide to Homeopathic Treatment. Author was a consulting physician to the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital. Very good condition, inner binding shows some netting. Allen, Timothy Field. Signature: Paul G. Rowe, MD. Allen, Timoth F.

What is Homeopathy?

Previously owned by F. Arndt, H. A System of Medicine. Volume III, Signature: Dr.

The term “classical homeopathy” involves the following key elements:

Mary C. No spine, front cover off hinges, no back cover. Baehr, Bernhard. The Science of Therapeutics. Ward, MD, Hahnemann Hosp.

source site Volume II, A beautiful volume, with worn corners. Bell, James B. The Homoeopathic Therapeutics of Diarrhea. Very good condition, some minor discoloration of front cover. Boericke, William. Pocket Manual of Materia Medica. Front cover off hinges, no spine. Print on page with extra space to allow for additions by owner. Boericke William, and Willis A.

Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (Classics in homoeopathy) Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (Classics in homoeopathy)
Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (Classics in homoeopathy) Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (Classics in homoeopathy)
Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (Classics in homoeopathy) Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (Classics in homoeopathy)
Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (Classics in homoeopathy) Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (Classics in homoeopathy)
Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (Classics in homoeopathy) Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (Classics in homoeopathy)
Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (Classics in homoeopathy) Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (Classics in homoeopathy)

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