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I could recall my dream upon waking, and could see what happens next too. I can still remember a dream that was almost like a fantasy epic. In fact, my first memory is my parents waking me from a dream. I suppose dreams are something of significance in my life.

It looks like of full-length stories alone I had finished as many as 8 works during junior school.

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Looking back now, the fantasy stories I made are pretty embarrassing [bitter laugh] but it appears I always had a love of storytelling. I made picture-books too of course, and I also made a horror film with friends. There is [laughs] I was a member of the drama club in high school, and the play I wrote won a prize for the high school drama contest. It starts with a rabbit caught in a trap who is discovered by a wolf.

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But one day the hunter who set the trap arrives Indeed it is. Many other of my stories have promises. I think somewhere inside, I have a desire for the fulfillment of the promises made between two people.

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Because, the way in which two people that live completely different lives can have such strong desires coincide with one another at a given moment, seems almost to be a miracle to me. Suga-kun and Shiori, Zack and Ray I do think that within such relationships romance can also exist.

But, somewhere inside I feel that, even in the case of lovers, there is a bond that can form between two people that surpasses even feelings of romance. Perhaps I wanted to demonstrate that in my stories. Well, I took a break from doing creative things when I was a college student. At the time, Mengele was only 32 years old. The Angel of Death fed his legend by dramatizing murderous policies, such as his drawing a line on the wall of the children's block between and centimeters about 5 feet or 5 feet 2 inches from the floor. Then sending those whose heads could not reach the line to the gas chamber Lifton, p.

The memory of this slightly built man, scarcely a hair out of place, his dark green tunic neatly pressed, his face well scrubbed, his Death's Head SS cap tilted rakishly to one side, remains vivid for those who survived his scrutiny when they arrived at the Auschwitz railhead. Polished boots slightly apart, his thumb resting on his pistol belt, he surveyed his prey with those dead gimlet eyes.

Death to the left, life to the right.

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  6. Four hundred thousand souls - babies, small children, young girls, mothers, fathers, and grandparents - are said to have been casually waved to the lefthand side with a flick of the cane clasped in a gloved hand. In another case in which a mother did not want to be separated from her thirteen-year-old daughter, and bit and scratched the face of the SS man who tried to force her to her assigned line, Mengele drew his gun and shot both the woman and the child. As a blanket punishment, he then sent to the gas all people from that transport who had previously been selected for work, with the comment: "Away with this shit!

    There were moments when his death mask gave way to a more animated expression, when Mengele came alive. There was excitement in his eyes, a tender touch in his hands. This was the moment when Josef Mengele, the geneticist, found a pair of twins.

    Angel of Death

    Mengele was almost fanatical about drawing blood from twins, mostly identical twins. He is reported to have bled some to death this way. Once Mengele's assistant rounded up 14 pairs of Gypsy twins during the night.

    Mengele placed them on his polished marble dissection table and put them to sleep. He then proceeded to inject chloroform into their hearts, killing them instantaneously. Mengele then began dissecting and meticulously noting each and every piece of the twins' bodies.

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    The Holocaust Children. At Auschwitz Mengele did a number of twin studies, and these twins were usually murdered after the experiment was over and their bodies dissected. He supervised an operation by which two Gypsy children were sewn together to create Siamses twins; the hands of the children became badly infected where the veins had been resected. Mengele injected chemicals into the eyes of children in an attempt to change their eye color. Unfortunately a strict veil of secrecy over the experiments enabled Mengele to do his work more effectively.

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    The full extent of his gruesome work will never be known because the records he sent to Dr. Von Verschuer at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute were shipped out in two truckloads and destroyed by the latter. Twins undergoing his experiments didn't know what the objectives were. It is known that he had a special pathology lab where he performed autopsies on twins who had died from experiments. It was located next to the cremetorium.

    Any remaining notes Mengele carried with him on his escape to South America and those were never found. What does fate have in store for them? Platform Nintendo Switch. Release Date Jun 27, File Size MB. Category Role-Playing , Adventure , Action. Publisher Active Gaming Media. Developer Makoto Sanada. Rating: Blood , Language , Violence.

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